EggMC 2.0 + Server reset


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Hi guys!

Here you can check out our full update notes with everything that changed. This has been 2 months + in the making, we're super excited to finally release it to you guys!
First of all, we're all starting from scratch, the world is getting a wipe, economy and claims are getting wiped,ranks are getting wiped (except for VIP ranks).

As stated before, you can message me on discord if you've bought any OP/summer keys between the First of july and the 18th of september. I will give you the value of those keys into store credit you can spend as you like.

What changed?!

New VIP rank

We added a new tier to the VIP ranks, called Legend. This rank has a different suffix in-game but does not offer any extra perks except one.
That perk is /legend. This menu can be used once a month to claim a free OP key OR when a seasonal crate is live at that time, you can claim a free seasonal key. This perk will never expire.


There are 16 new dungeons for you guys to explore, to make some money or to earn some crystals. They all have a unique storyline, unique mobs to fight and they go up in difficulty. The dungeons hub has been updated to fit our new style, go check it out through the dungeons portal at spawn!


The addition of all these new dungeons brings us to the reworked ranking system. Every in-game rank has remained the same except for some of the early game prices BUT we've split it up into 4 tiers:

Tier 1 = Newcomer to soldier
Tier 2 = Squire to hero
Tier 3 = General to reverend
Tier 4 = Senator to angel

You can rank up like you're used to within a tier, but at the end of a tier (for example soldier -> squire) will require you to finish the corresponding dungeon for that rank.

Soldier -> Squire requires completion of Scarlet Graveyard
Hero -> General requires completion of Scarlet Library
Reverend -> Senator requires completion of The depths
Angel -> Prestige 1 requires completion of Aldan Isle

Apart from this, I've recoded our ranking and prestiging plugin to our own.
This adds a different confirmation on rankup and a /maxrankup command available for prestige 1 +.
/maxrankup will rank you up to the highest rank your balance allows you to.

World and biome generation

We have over 15 new biomes, ranging from a nether biome in the overworld, to beautiful dense mushroom biomes. Some come with new cave systems and others with new structures.
The world has a border set at -30k -> 30k on both x and z. More than enough space to explore and build for the forseeable future!

Custom enchants

We have completely reworked the custom enchants available on the server to be from one provider and make everything more streamlined.
This means we now have over 90 custom enchantments, available through voting, dungeons, benefit pool (more on that later), pinata, ...

To upgrade an enchantment already applied to an item, you need to apply exactly the same enchantmentbook to it.

Keep the succes and destroy chances in mind! You can up these with Magic Dust or randomisers (available through dungeons).

Spawner changes

Spawners have been completely removed from all the crates (Vote, voteparty, OP, seasonal..).
Spawners can now only be silk touch mined OR be bought from Lucifer at spawn. He has his own marketstall.
Iron golem and Pigman spawners have been removed completely.

Economy changes

Our economy felt a tad bit "too much". For that reason we've shaved 2 zero's off everything. When a rank used to cost 1.000.000, it will now cost 10.000. This applies to everything money related.
The shop prices have been adjusted for this change.

Oreseeker -> Veinminer

The oreseeker enchantment has been removed and replaced with the veinminer plugin. This means when you unlock veinminer it will work on any tool you have and can be controlled with /vm toggle.
You can unlock veinminer permanently for pickaxes through the OP crate, or temporary through the common benefit pool. There's also veinminer for axes (including shears), hoes and shovels!

Common benefit pool

We now have a /pool command where everyone who wants can contribute money with /pool add <amount>. Whenever the pool goal is reached a random reward will be given to everyone online at that point. We won't disclose yet what those rewards are, but they're worth it!

EggMC now has Eggs!

Naturally generated hostile mobs now have a low chance of dropping a special Egg varying in rarity. When you get one of those eggs you have to hold them in your main hand or offhand and take them with you to hatch them. Every egg has a different distance you have to run with them for them to hatch.
The rewards will be worth it!

Crate rework

All of the crates have been reworked to give a lot of new rewards! Go check them out!

Smaller fixes:
  • Veteran rank has been added. If you've been with us for over 4 months you can send any manager or me a message and we'll credit you the rank;
  • The hoppers from the prestigeperk have been reworked to be more efficient and we've overhauled the menus;
  • Menus have been reworked to look bit a more neat and streamlined (/menu);
  • Pinata has been fixed to always spawn and the rewards have been reworked;
  • Mcmmo has been removed.

This update was a long time in the making, we hope you enjoy the changes and the fresh start!

If you find any bugs or have any questions, please message any staff member or open a bug report on discord!

~ Drupz